Organic Chemistry - MIT
Fall 2019
I was a Teaching Assistant for MIT's undergraduate organic chemistry course (5.12, syllabus). 
I lead discussion sections with two mid-sized classrooms of students spanning different class years, exposures to organic chemistry, and majors. In these discussion sections I worked directly with over 20 students to develop and hone problem-solving skills, enforce understanding of lecture materials, discuss exam problems, and provide extra practice. Additionally, I carried out review sessions for 100+ student class size prior to examinations. 
Poetry for the People - UC Berkeley 
June Jordan's Poetry for the People is a trauma-based poetry course and activism collective, and continues to be held as a student-run course in UC Berkeley's African American Studies Department. 
As a part of my Resident Poet Teaching (RPT) position, I held weekly workshops for 20 students each semester, in which I workshopped writing craft, was trained to respond and hold space for trauma-responses, and how to push and unpack for cathartic and therapeutic writing through story-telling. 
In addition to these weekly workshops, I presented special lectures to 100+ student classrooms on the Anthology of Arab Women, and Story Telling in Poetry. 

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