Saudi-US Young Leaders Forum
May 2017
As a part of a week-long initiative exploring Saudi-US relationships and avenues for educational, cultural, and intellectual exchanges, a Saudi-US Young Leaders Forum was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This forum dealt directly with assessing and engaging with the propositions made in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, and in discussing bridging the ambitious progressive goals of the Vision with the pre-existing traditional culture. 
I was amongst 10 US citizens and 20 Saudi citizens whose contributions to cultural, scientific, or policy advances in the US or the Kingdom between the ages of 18-30 were invited to discuss and give recommendations on a number of topics spanning: 
1) Leadership through education for economic impact: a discussion of novel approaches to Saudi education for a transition to youth-centered leadership 
2) Manifestation of leadership through Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 Initiative: a discussion of pre-existing cultural clashes, and necessary new directions to achieve economic and cultural goals 
3) Means of bridging cultural barriers for improved scientific and technological collaborations

Sustainable Water Management and Climate Change Education in San Jeronimo, Peru
January 2018
As a part of the Green Program's Water Resource Management and Sustainability Practices initiative, I developed a capstone project at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola in Cusco, Peru, focusing on curricular reform in primary schools in the San Jeronimo region. This reform aimed to incorporate climate change education and resources for children and their families whose primary water source was Rio Huatanay, a severely polluted river in the San Jeronimo district of Cusco affected both by poor environmental policy, as well as increased threats due to climate-change-driven sedimentation.     

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