I am a Chemistry Ph. D. candidate working under the advisement of Professor Jeremiah Johnson at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  I am concurrently a part of MIT's Program in Polymers and Soft Matter. My research is focused on the development of reprocessable thermoset systems with mechanical integrity using data-driven approaches. In particular, I focus on polydicyclopentadiene systems. Additionally, I work on the development and characterization of polymer metal-organic-cage (polyMOC) systems with novel architectures and desirable adsorption properties. 
Prior to joining MIT Chemistry, I obtained my B. Sc. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. Under the tutelage of Professor Omar M. Yaghi I completed an Honours Thesis in the Post-Synthetic Modification of Covalent Organic Frameworks. 
In addition to lab-work, I am interested in academically informed policy and consultation, particularly in pertinence to environmental and education policies in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA). 
In my free time I enjoy traveling, trying different cuisines, kicking around a football (⚽️), and entertaining my kitten Namla (Arabic for ant 🐜).
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