The Qimmah Initiative is a non-profit initiative that is founded, run, and overseen by Arab students for Arab students. This initiative aims to bridge a deficit of information amongst Arab students, and lack of college counseling in the MENA region by disseminating information regarding undergraduate-application processes in competitive US institutions. 
The mission of this initiative is to provide high-quality college counseling through freely available materials on its website, as well as a volunteer-based mentorship program pairing applicants to baccalaureate degrees in the US with students attending university in the States. 
Initially Head of Social Media and Outreach (2015), I initiated partnerships with entities such as MIT's SciTech Conference for increased visibility and recruitment of mentors for the Qimmah Mentorship Program. 
Shortly after that, I headed the initiative for two years (2016-2018), during which we tripled mentorship program capacity, re-structured internally, and successfully matriculated students to universities such as Columbia, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UT Austin, Boston University, Cornell, MIT, amongst others. 

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